Thursday, 17 July 2014

Looking cool when it's too hot with POTS


It's that time of year again when it's too hot to move and my POTs is going crazy with the heat and humidity. One of the things I use to help with my POTS symptoms is compression stockings but when it is this hot I really don't want to be wearing thick socks or tights.  All is not lost!  I have a solution for looking cool and staying cool.

I prefer to wear knee high compression stockings as I have trouble finding thigh highs that fit me.  Last summer I discovered open toe knee high compression stockings.  They don't look so glamourous on their own:

But team them up with a maxi dress and a cute pair of sandals and you can barely tell I'm wearing them :D

Pretty cool, huh?

You can buy a selection of open toe knee high and thigh high stockings and even compression tights from Pebble UK Prices start from around £15 a pair.

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