Thursday, 21 August 2014


I've held off writing this post until I'd calmed down about it.  I've tried not to get upset but I am very protective of my family and I cant abide people telling lies.

A week ago I received a letter from Dr Mittal, my consultant at RNOH Stanmore. It was quite short and basically said my last consultation with her could not be completed due to my partner's rude and aggressive mannerisms and shouting in clinic.


She said she offered to transfer me to Dr Cohen's care but I already told her I had an appointment so she has discharged me.

I'm not going to waste my time listing everything that was wrong in her letter but I couldn't let it go, especially as she sent a copy to everyone on the rehab team and Dr Cohen.

I wrote a dozen angry letters back, just to get my frustration out of my system, but they were all too long and ranty so I wrote a short reply putting forward my version of events and asking her to retract her statement about my partner or at the very least put my letter on file.

It cost a bomb in stamps but I didn't have much choice unless I wanted the whole staff at RNOH thinking my partner is a rude and aggressive thug who has nothing better to do than shout at doctors.  I know Dr Mittal won't like it but there are two sides to every story.

I have since been told that my appointment with Dr Cohen has been cancelled because it was made in error.  I have been referred as a new patient and I am bqck on the waiting list.  Hopefully she will be able to see me sometime next year, as long as Dr Mittal's letter hasn't scared her off!

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