Friday, 3 July 2015

Sam's Amazing Loom Band Challenge

Words cannot describe how proud I am of my nine year old son, Samuel.  Early this year he came to me and said he wanted to help people with EDS.  He'd had an idea, he loved loom bands and he wanted to make a 500 metre long band in a fundraising challenge for Ehlers Danlos Support UK.

I thought it was a wonderful idea so we support Sam the best we could.  He already had quite a collection of loom bands but we calculated we would need tens of thousands of bands to complete the challenge so we started buying up bulk packs of loom bands on eBay.

Sam worked incredibly hard, every spare moment he tirelessly worked on his project.  Every morning, every afternoon when he came home from school, every evening after tea.  He showed such dedication I knew he would reach his target.

I set up a Just Giving page for him and we put out requests for any unwanted loom bands.  We had an amazing response, including a very generous donation from a boy who had been making loom bands for a local hospice charity.

Despite being quite poorly in April with a chronic cough Sam continued his challenge.  We measured his now giant ball of loom bands on the pavement outside our house and he was almost half way there!

Measuring the loom bands proved another challenge.  I made Samuel a measuring wheel out of cardboard and Kinex and with the help of his friends and my PA we measured the now giant reel of loom bands.  475 metres!  Almost there!

Sam didn't give up.  When his friends came to call he would tell them he was busy finishing his loom bands and I'm very proud to say he reached his target.  All by himself he had made a loom  band over 500 metres long!

Ehlers Danlos Support UK were very kind and sent Sam a certificate to mark his achievement.  Sam wanted to make a video to thank everyone for their support.

Sam's next challenge is to reach is £150 fundraising target.  Can you help?  Please visit our Just Giving page:

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