Friday, 10 January 2014

Pre-appointment panic :S

I'm having a little pre-appointment panic about going to Stanmore.  I got my appointment letter in the post today (big thumbs up for the very efficient appointments department!) but there is a teeny problem.  It's not at Stanmore.

When the lady phoned me with the cancellation appointment she said she was from Stanmore, so I presumed she meant the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore, Middlesex.  My husband booked us into a hotel in Edgeware so we could travel down the night before.  It's a 3 hour drive and my appointment is at 9:30 am.  Then the letter arrived this afternoon and the appointment address is the Outpatient Assessment Centre, Bolsover Street, London.  That's half an hour away by car or an hour by tube or bus, probably more in rush hour traffic.  Eeek!

If I'd have known the appointment was in central London I could have caught the early train to Kings Cross but we already booked the non-refundable cheap rates hotel so it was too late to change our plans.  Travelling in London is stressful at the best of times but I'm disabled so we have the added complication of finding wheelchair accessible transport, at rush hour, on a Monday morning :S

I'm also concerned about who I will see.  When I saw Dr Sobey at the EDS Service in Sheffield she said Dr Cohen was just about the only doctor in the country who had the experience to diagnose me because I have the symptoms of JHS/EDS-HM plus other symptoms suggestive of an autoimmune disorder.  Yeah, aren't I lucky!

My GP surgery asked for me to be seen by Dr Cohen and when I saw Dr Hakim at his private clinic he forwarded a copy of his letter to Dr Cohen as he agreed she may be able to fill in the blanks in my puzzling medical history.

So everyone wanted me to see Dr Cohen, so guess who I'm going to see?  Dr Mittal.  And the letter said I may see a registrar instead of Dr Mittal.

My experience with registrars has not always been good.  I'm trying to stay positive but I have a nagging doubt that this will be a massive waste of time and I'll have to wait even longer to go back and see the right person.

Wish me luck!

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