Friday, 6 June 2014

Day Five Week One

Today is our last day before the weekend break.  After breakfast we had DIY stretch in our own rooms then two classes in the morning.  The first was posture management which got us thinking about the stresses and strain we put on our bodies in different positions such as sleeping, sitting and working at a computer.  We got to try our some wedge cushions and back supports to see if they helped us.

The second class was sleep bingo.  It was a fun way of looking at sleep hygiene and we talked about all the good and bad things that might affect our sleep, such as having a tv in the bedroom, having a milky drink or doing exercise.

After lunch we were free to go home but there was a small hiccup as our room keycards stopped working at 12pm and all our bags were locked in our rooms and we had to go to reception to ask for them to be opened again!

So that was the first week on the Stanmore hotel rehabilitation programme.  It's been very educational and I've really enjoyed speaking to other people with the same condition.  I've just about coping being on my own for the week, the hotel staff have been great apart from a few niggles with the lift.  The hotel isn't totally wheelchair friendly but I have managed to get around.

Next week is going to be pretty busy with lots more group session and personal OT, physio and psychology sessions.  It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worthwhile.  I also have to remember to take a few extra things, a four way mains adapter because I can't charge my phone, tablet and mobility scooter, and watch TV with only two plug sockets, plus I need an umberella in case it rains on my circuit through the car park to the restaurant.

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