Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day Four Week One

The day started out with stretch, I tried a couple of the exercises this time but my right hip complained at me a bit and I had to modify one exercise as it made my shoulder go clunk.  I survived it ok and I am feeling more confident about it.

We had a talk with the psychologist about the impact of our pain and health problems on our friends and family.  It was really interesting and it got us thinking about how to deal with situations better and how to ask for the right kind of help when we need it.

The rest of the group went to the pool for hydrotherapy but I'd been advised not to go because I always become very symptomatic when I get out of the water.  They were going to arrange for me to have a one to one session where I can just float for a few minutes then get out so we can assess how that affects me but that is likely to be next week now.

Lunch was awesome, spicy chicken salad, chips, spring rolls, vegetable wraps and chicken skewers with fruit for desert.

I had my goal setting session with the physio and OT in the afternoon, it was probably the hardest session of the week.  It was quite challening and I got a bit emotional.  I had to come up with goals to try and achieve over the weekend but I really don't like goal setting as no matter how good my intentions are something always happens beyond my control and I fail.  The weekend is going to be a mad whirlwind of catching up with my children, getting all the laundry done, visiting my mum and a 3 hour car journey back to the hotel.

I explained that whilst I understood the principles of what they were teaching us on the course it was going to be very difficult to implement them at home.  They questioned if I was ready to do the course if I wasn't prepared to make changes. The problem is I have so many health issues that are undiagnosed or not under control, too much resposibility as a wife and mother and the very real threat of my social services support being cut by a third means I don't know where to start.

In the end we decided on setting four small goals.  I aim to watch my posture sitting watching TV, be more mindful of my movements in the kitchen, discuss the friends and family class with my husband and kids and visualise the exercises from stretch class.  It might not seem much but Im going to make the effort.

Unfortunately this course is not going to address some of the problems that my doctors back home expected it too.  They cant diagnose the neck problems, or investigate my numb little fingers but I am finding the classes very interesting and I'm taking some ideas to try and implement in my life.

I was disappointed to miss two classes this week.  I have a one to one swim session planned for next week but they still haven't resolved the transport to the hospital for the sport session.  That is very disappointing considering this course is supposed to cater for the physically disabled and I'm not the first mobility scooter user to participate.

It's been a busy week and I've enjoyed the company of the group but I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow.

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