Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Day Three Week One

Today started with stretch class again, but this time I didn't end up in severe pain, I got into the starting positions and visualised the stretches rather than doing them.  I know it sounds a bit daft but it's the first step on the road to being able to do the stretches and I felt much better being able to participate in the class, albeit in my limited capacity.  We are all different and this is very much embraced on the course.

Next was OT and we talked about pacing, writing an activity diary and using a traffic light system for activites, red for things that cause pain and fatigue, amber for things that are slightly less taxing and green for easy things.  My homework is to fill out an activity diary for a typical week so we can see where I can make changes to pace my life better and aim to makeit to the end of the day without collapsing in a heap of exhaustion.

I had physio and we worked on my sitting posture and I was given a couple of simple exercises to try, very similar to pilates, tilting my pelvis back and forward, coming to rest in a neutral position.  We also discussed how I sit in a terrible position with my ankles crossed and my right ankle hyperextended so I'm going to make an effort not to do that!

Lunch was fab once again, quiche, chips,  pasta salad, tomatoes and cucumber, chicken goujons, boiled ham and carrot cake.  I am going to go home a few pounds heavier!

After lunch we had lifting and handling in the specially adapted kitchen.  We talked about safe ways of doing tasks in the kitchen and around the home, being aware of our joints and moving in the right way.  We also discussed aids and equipment such as kettle tippers, using chip pan baskets so we dont have to drain heavy pans of potatoes or pasta, and using a long handled dustpan and brush.

I was a little disappointed as I had to miss out on the trip to Stanmore hospital to do the sport and recreation class because of a transport oversight.  The staff knew I'd be bringing my mobility scooter but a non accessible taxi had been booked for the journey, so rather than risk being stranded waiting for porters at the hospital they advised me to sit this one out and they promised to have something sorted for next week.

Now I'm off to join the ladies for a drink and dinner, and find out what fun I missed out on.

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