Monday, 2 June 2014

Day One Week One of Stanmore Rehab Hotel Course

I was pretty nervous this morning but today has been a pretty good day.  I had to make my way through the Mercure Watford car park to get to the restaurant for breakfast.  I hope they get the lift fixed soon!

Breakfast is from 6:30am until 9:30 am on week days.  It's a self service buffet and caters for most diets.  Fresh bread, toast and pastries, cereals, yoghurts and fruit juices, then the hot buffet with fried and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages (and vegetarian sausages), mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and potato rosti plus a selection of fresh fruit and of course tea and coffee.  There are also specials available, porridge, kippers and eggs benedict.

The welcome meeting was a bit chaotic as we everyone had been given different times.  We ran through a few things, had the chance to ask questions and get to know each other.  Our group is all ladies and we all have EDS.

I asked a few questions and mentioned my personal budget being reduced.  The psychologist said they may be able to help me by writing to social services and explaining my condition and why I need support to manage my health

We had a session on pacing.  It was very interesting but its going to be difficult to implement as my baseline is below the everyday tasks that I need to do so it's going to involve some creative thinking.

Lunch was quite impressive.  They put on a buffet of poached salmon, humous and crudités, rice salad, pizza and potato wedges and salsa, followed by chocolate mud cake.  Two of the ladies had special dietary requirements and the chef made them up platters.  The hotel is really accomodating and the chef can make anything we want as long as we order it the day before.

I had a rest in the afternoon before going to my physio and OT assessmemt.  I was really nervous about it, I don't have the best track record with physios but they were really nice.  We talked about what I'd written on my assessment form, talked about my goals and discussed the hydrotherapy sessions.  I was a bit anxious as I always feel ill when I get out of the water and it takes a few hours to recover hut we're going to take things slowly and see if I can manage a few minutes.  That's the great thing about this course, it is tailored to you personally so you're not pushed into doing things that might make you worse and you can concentrate on the things that matter to you.

The restarant opens for dinner at 7 but our decided that was a bit late so we're arranging to eat at 6.  There is the option of room service too so bascially you can have your meals whenever you want.  I've not decided what I want yet but if it's anything like lunch Im sure it will be delicious!

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